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Adding Krishna to your home décor

Krishna Home Decor

Lord Krishna home decor

Krishna is worshipped as the supreme being across several groups in Indian although a major segment believes him to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

You would have seen Krishna being depicted as an infant or as a young boy playing the flute. The stories of Bhagavad Gita depict him as a youthful prince offering guidance to Pandava prince Arjun. There are a lot of stories associated with Krishna in theological as well as philosophical traditions. He has been portrayed as a divine hero, a lover, a god-child as well as the Supreme Being.


Lord Krishna is one of the most revered gods in Hinduism. It would not be hard to find homes decorated with his idols that exude warmth and a pristine feel in the interiors. He is a symbol of mystical love and this is the reason you would see people being drawn to his idols. He vibrant glazes and the strong energy that one can feel around him is the reason people offer prominence in including Krishna idols in their home décor.


One of the best ways you can include Krishna idol in your home is to place the idol of Krishna in a swing. You can try the Radha Kishan Big Jhula II Iron Wall Hanging which can be purchased from Desi Essence if you are not looking to place an idol.  It would not be difficult for you to find an idol of infant Krishna sitting next to an earthen pot that is overflowing with butter. Krishna Makhan Chor Wall Hanging can be the best thing on your wall and you would not have to do much from your end to decorate this wall hanging.


You can as well include wall decals or peacock feathers art on your walls for resonating with the theme wherever you are placing the idol. Peacock Matka Iron Hanging Wall Clock or the Radha Kishan under Jhula iron wall hanging can be purchased from Desi Essence for decking up your bedroom to add some positive, loving vibes to your personal space.


In addition, including a Krishna idol at home creates a positive environment. As per Hindu scriptures, gods represent the manifestation of supreme power. Having an idol or any object associated with Krishna placed in your home at appropriate locations can inspire you to do things in your life. As per Vastu Shastra, placing Radha Krishna in a bedroom promotes love between couples and strengthens their bonds. Using Radha Kishan & Cow Iron Hanging Wall Clock or the Meera Kishan Iron Wall Hanging can transform your bedroom space adding loving, positive vibes. Check out more collections offered by Desi Essence. You are bound to find a plenty of options.


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