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Using handmade wall arts for décor
December 28, 2016
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Elements of traditional design in interiors
July 1, 2017

Sometimes no matter how neatly you put a space together, it lacks the warmth and manages to appear bland. This is when adding a traditional touch can work as a spice and make your place appear more interesting. You would be amazed to know how quaint cottage decorating ideas can rev up your interiors.

Add paintings

If you wish to spice up your interiors, then you can consider adding interesting and beautiful Indian paintings to your interiors. Traditional Indian paintings make interesting additions because of the use of myriad of colours and distinctive motifs in them. You can consider adding oriental lamps right in the middle of your drawing room. You can steal Moroccan decoration ideas to add a sensuous touch to your bedroom. Traditional paintings in contemporary homes can create a bold statement in your living room. King Elephant 3D Iron wall hanging from Desi Essence is great idea to embrace traditional essence in your living room.

Indian prints and patterns

You can purchase upholstery keeping in mind the colour schemes and textures that you would love to incorporate in your space. You can go for Indian prints and patterns. Embroideries on fabric would add a pop of colour in your space. Paisleys are classic examples of typical Indian prints. This would help you achieve the fusion look that you are trying to achieve. Indian cushion covers and rugs are ideal pieces of art that are appreciated all over the world. If you prefer to go for contemporary and simple with furniture, then you can consider adding traditional cushions and rugs for adding a stunning touch to your interiors.


Curtains add more warmth to interiors although blinds are trending these days. You can consider including pretty curtains in georgette, velvet and silk. Combining plain curtains with Indian prints would enrich the entire experience. If you opt for blinds, then pick fabric featuring Indian patterns. Combinations of blinds and curtains can make your entire space appearing trendy.


Idols of Indian deities and carved wrought iron art are some of the best ways you can infuse traditional touch in your modern home.


Addition of lamps can prove to be a wonderful manner in which you can light up your space in a beautiful manner. Indian prints on lampshades and chandelier can prove to be wonderful options for an elegant touch. You can draw some inspiration from your grandparent’s home or may be an old haveli that you visited during your childhood.


Antique window panels, door and statues can rev up your modern interiors by adding rustic charm. You space will appear extremely elegant and rich when antiques are blended in contemporary architecture.

Wall art

If you have an adventurous spirit, then you can consider redoing your wall with wall hangings and wall décor. This will add an Indian element in your interiors and make your entire space exude warmth and elegance. The Rajasthani musicians’ intricate craftwork or Ganesh Bansuri wall hanging from Desi Essence can become the focal point wherever you are going to place them.

The options and choices are endless as India is a land of stunning diversities. There is so much can one can draw inspiration from when it comes to culture and art.

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