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Beautiful products crafted by India's makers Add Love and Positive Vibes with Krishna Accentuate the Beauty of your Interiors. Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. Lord Buddha
Wall Clocks
Wall Decor
Sitar Tabla Key Hanger holder
Key Holder
Ganesha Wiser with basuri wrought iron wooden circle wall decor and hanging
Spiritual Decor

Completely handcrafted

Every art piece is an accumulation of knowledge passed from generations of folk artists to the current artists.

Tradition and mythology drive these unique art forms which can never be mass produced.

Loha Shilp Art

‘Loha’ means Iron and ‘Shilp’ means handicraft in the Hindi language. So “LohaShilp” is the use of wrought iron to create metal artifacts and figurines is much-admired craft form of India.